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The School of Art of Oviedo (EAO) is a public centre that has been dedicated for 225 years to provide higher education in the fields of Art and Design in Asturias. As a Higher Art Studies centre, we are not only seeking for integrating our studies in the Life Learning Programme (LLP), an Erasmus programme, which promotes study and work training mobility for our students and teaching staff within European Framework of Higher Education, we also consider it a priority for our near future to continue establishing relationships with other institutions in the European Union.

International educational exchange programmes are a fundamental part of the academic offer at an institute of higher education such as the School of Art of Oviedo. They are designed to promote the exchange of ideas and know-how among the different countries that comprise Europe.

The EAO, since 1993, have signed several bilateral agreements with different European schools of art and design, under different programmes (Socrates, Petra and Leonardo), an intense contact with other European schools: Croydon Collage of London and Thomas Danby Collage of Leeds, in England; L’Istituto Statale D’Arte di Cortina d’Ampezzo, in Italy; Felicien Rops in Namur, Belgium; Kouvola Region Vocational Collage in Kouvola, Finland and Goldenberg Berufskolleg in Cologne, Germany).

In December 2010 the EAO was awarded with the Erasmus University Charter, which offers students the opportunity of studying at other European educational institutions with whom we have agreements.

The constant activity and cooperation of our school with other national and international institutions is the reflection of our artistic and pedagogical ideas, based on experimenting, investigating and continuous searching for new challenges. Currently, the EAO is member of the Confederation of Art and Design Schools (CEA) in Spain and collaborate with the Graphic Designers Association of Asturias (AGA).

As an example of a dynamic and innovative centre, in 1999 and within the Leonardo Programme in cooperation with the Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovación de Asturias (European Centre of Enterprises and Innovation), we were awarded the first prize for the publishing project 42 Líneas. Ediciones de Arte.


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