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International collaborations

The constant collaboration activity that the School of Art maintains with other educational centres, both national and international, is nothing different from the realization of our pedagogical and artistic ideas, based on experimentation, researching, the constant search and the proposal of new objectives.

For this reason, the opportunity of making exchanges with other European Union centres began in 1993 and, since then, and through different programmes (Petra, Lengua, Leonardo, Socrates), we have kept this compromise that has been extended in 2010 with the awarding of the Erasmus University Charter; there have also been established collaboration agreements with national and international institutions from different countries such as Ecuador and Japan.

We strongly believe that this kind of exchanges is highly beneficial to promote the knowledge of our cultures and their mutual respect and admiration. With this kind of activities we aim to provide the possibility to create collaborative projects that enrich us both from the professional and personal perspective.

Previous experiences in international exchange programs:
  • Participation in european projects

Croydon College of London, Reino Unido, 1993
Thomas Danby College , Leeds, Reino Unido, 1995
L´Istituto Statale D´Arte di Cortina d´Ampezzo, Italia, 1997
ITCF Felicien Rops, Namur, Bélgica, 1997
Kouvola Region Vocational College , Kouvola, Finlandia, 2008
Goldenberg Berufskolleg , Cologne, Alemania, 2008

  • Estampería Quiteña in Quito, Ecuador, 1998 / 2008

The School of Art of Oviedo was invited to participate in the starting up of Estampería Quiteña by the National Engraving and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, collaborating in the teaching of several engraving and printing courses for teachers, artists and students from Ecuador.

Teaching project, research and exchange activities with this Italian centre of development and experimentation.

  • Collaboration between INSHU Japanese paper craftsmen and Spanish engravers, Tottori, Japan, 2008 / 2011

Exchange project regarding activities, research and experimentation between teachers and students from four Spanish centres and the Washi-makers Aoya Washikobo, in Aoya, Tottori, Japan. The Art Schools and Faculties participating are: Escola d’Art Llotja and the Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona, the Fine Arts Faculty of Valencia and the School of Art of Oviedo.

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