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The School of Art of Oviedo is a public institution whose prestige is well-known in the field of Art and Design education. It was founded by the Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País in 1785, when the pedagogical optimism of the Enlightenment was in full swing.

Currently, its image is that of a modern centre, with facilities and equipments that include advanced technology and means.

Owing to its trajectory as a dynamic, eager and progressive institution, it has become a reference place, not only regarding the teaching of design, photography, engraving, etc., but also as a cultural focus with a long tradition in activities and exhibitions that make it one of the best in its category. All this is due to a centre philosophy that revolves around the idea of workshop, to learn by doing, as the end point of a process in which the theoretical training and the creative spirit have been proposed according to a mainly practical horizon.


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