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Cost of living in Asturias

The average expenses of a foreign student is approximately 600€ per month. There is no limit to the amount of currency that a foreign student may bring to Spain.

It is advisable to use credit cards and to open a bank account where the student is staying. To open a bank account in Spain, the student must ask for an identification number on the official form (N.I.E.), available when applying for the residence card at the Foreigner’s Office.

Spain is not an expensive country, although the average cost of living may fluctuate a lot. Big cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastián and Bilbao are much more expensive than small towns and southern cities.

Here you have an estimate of monthly expenses (all prices are just a guidance):

  • Accommodation:
    • Shared room: between 90€ and 240€
    • Halls of Residence: between 300€ and 600€
      University College dormitories vary according to location, installations…
  • Food: 180€
    • Hamburger: 3€ - 5€
    • Coke: 2€ at a coffee bar
    • Dinner at a good restaurant: between 15€ and 50€
  • Transport:
    • Public transport: bus tickets for a specified number of journeys from 30€ onwards.
    • Petrol: 1,30€/litre approximately
  • Leisure time:
    • Newspaper: around 1€ (they are usually more expensive on Sundays)
    • Cinema tickets: around 5€ - 6€
    • Theatre tickets: around 25€, depending on the day and the play. Musicals are usually more expensive.
    • Concert: around 30€

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