Erasmus collaboration: “Design of Characters” by the illustrator Guillaume Clarisse
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For many of us, Mauricio, was a heavenly island southwest of the India Ocean. However, nowadays, it is the place where our Erasmus visitor, Guillaume Clarisse (Bacherlor of Arts in École Superieure d’Art de la Reunion), cartoonist, children’s books illustrator and story-boards artist lives. He imparted a workshop of Design of Characters to all illustration students of EAO last February


He suggested playing with shapes, interpretation of lines, looking for that character, the awakening of our creativity. He invited us to imagine a story, outline the figures, in such a way that, when we put them in the story to describe them, we could be able to draw without words everything we want to define.

From our pencils emerged extraordinary beings, robots, hybrids, a bestiary, heroes of our entelechies, some antagonist and there were even those who tried secondary characters.

“To keep an eye on stereotypes, look for locations, multiple and surprising lines of work, use color in the right way, and have fun!”, these are some of the pieces of advice this artist gave our students. They imagined, designed and drew characters, poses and twists in the body, facial and corporal expressions, and some of them even made a final illustration placing characters in a context.


This was the amazing result of five days of linguistic immersion, graphic games and above all, a lot of drawing. All the participants, teachers and students, were very pleased with Guillaume, who attended each of us individually and with tons of patience!

I guess it is true “a character from paradise” has visited us.

guillaume_2018_3.jpg guillaume_2018_4.jpg

Thank you Guillaume.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!



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