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Anja en la Escuela de Arte

My name is Anja and I am a Slovenian exchange student. I came to Oviedo at the end of January to finish one semester here, in Escuela de Arte.

From the first day when I got here, everything felt like home. People excepted me as I was one of them. I found some unique and amazing friends here and visited incredible places.

The school program was amazing, and although I was barely able to speak Spanish when I came here, everybody, from professors to students were really helpful and we had no problems communicating.

At times we discussed in English other times in Spanish, a mostly just by hand gestures, what ever was easier to understand :) I believe that this experience was really something unique and has give me a huge amount of knowledge in photography and at the same time about Spanish culture.

Asturias is a place that makes you want to visit it again, but the people here make you want to stay!

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