Workshop about the design of banknotes, with Petraq Papa

Faculty of Fine Arts as part of University of Arts of Tirana in Albania, is taking part in the collaboration project of this University with several Art institutions in Spain, in the framework of Erasmus program. In this framework it was included my invitation from Oviedo Art School in Asturias, to carry out a workshop about the design of banknotes with their students of Graphic Design class.

This workshop took place in Oviedo Art School as part of “Re Jornadas de la EAO” project from 1st to 5th April 2019.


Having a considerable experience in designing Albanian banknotes, as the 2000 and 10000 Lekë banknotes, I was happy to share such experience by developing this workshop with the theme “How to design a Banknote”.

I was received very warmly by the academic staff of Oviedo Art School and I was greeted with great interest and felt welcomed by graphic design students.

From the first day, after my PowerPoint presentation of creative process of banknote designing, the workshop carried on with the selection of the kind of topic for the hypothetic banknote. This was a cooperative work developed with students. Together we concluded that in the center of each banknote must be an image connected with the history of the region, Asturias. Students decided that iconic “La Regeta” monument in the front of Oviedo’s Cathedral could be the best option as the central image for the banknote.

Also, in the first day of the workshop, students started to work on drawings of the portrait, developing a compositional concept for the banknote design, followed by the work focused on computer graphic processing to create decorative elements, security elements, patterns etc. During the working process there were many talks, discussions between students, regarding to each others working results. We decided in the end that the student’s banknote designs to be sent to me via email for further discussions, a process which continued even after my departure from Oviedo.


Part of my scheduled visit in Oviedo were also visiting places of interest such as Oviedo Art Museum, Archeological museum of Asturias and Cathedral de San Salvador de Oviedo.


Generally speaking, I can come to the conclusion that this workshop was a worthwhile one for me, in my search for new attractive ways and methods in lecturing, but also very profitable for the students in their work to gain further experience in graphic design, in this case in designing banknotes.

Petraq Papa
Graphic Design Lector Faculty of Fine Arts University of Arts of Tirana, Albania